RedSeven COMPULON PRO Compressor

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RedSeven COMPULON PRO Compressor Pedal

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Following many requests of putting back in production the original Compulon pedal, we thought it was the right time to do, and with an improved version of it.

COMPULON PRO still an optical based compressor, sharing the basic circuit of the original design, but this time with a “two stages” mode compression for a better tracking of your dynamics.

We find optical designs in this appliccation still the best way to approach the concept of dynamic for guitar players in demand of control. From very subtle to  fast“160x” type compressions, Compulon Pro offer a wide pallete of possibility.

It’s not over! We love tone and analog circuits, so like a proper studio mastering grade compressor, which one of the most peculiar characteristic still in the output stage, we chose to add C.S.S. (Coil Saturation System) in this design, which is a very particular circuit, act to mimic a real output transformer. By driving hard the knob, it will return in some nice and fat harmonic content, down to zero, for a nice touch of buffering and “something extra” to your tone.
Combining Compulon Pro with the new C.S.S. (Coil Saturation System) circuit, result of the next  classic “always on” pedal on your clean to channel.

Compulon Pro is the most advanced and best sounding compressor pedal platform for both guitar and bass available right now.




Serial / Parallel mode: Compulon Pro works in both serial or parallel mode. If you’re in look for a sustained sound but keeping the nature of the pick attack, parallel mode is what you need. On the oppisite side, serial mode is to keep evey single signal peak under control.

Input gain selector: high, mid and low. Three different characters, to shape even further sound possibilites.

Volume / Blend: in serial mode this pot acts as output volume control, in parallel mode it acts as dry/wet control;

Threshold: select the level of the threshold of compression circuit.

S.S. Level: This is the level of Coil System Saturation, a specfic tuned ciruit to mimic the output transformers of the studio grade compressors. At minumum it acts as a buffer, perfect to keep as an “always on” pedal, by increasing you will fat your mids.


Important Note

All RedSeven Amplification pedals shares the same INPUT/OUTPUT/ REMOTE/DC INPUT control layout.

All RedSeven Amplification pedals must be powered with ONLY 9volts DC negative center, any other voltage could seriously damage the pedal.

REMOTE JACK allows you to control your your RedSeven Amplification pedal with a simple TRS jack. You can turn on/ off the pedal with a latching control between R (ring) and S (sleeve) and select between mode I and mode 2 with a latching control between T (tip) and S (sleeve)




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