Red Seven Smart Patch

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RedSeven Smart Patch

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Smart Patch

is the brain of your pedalboard, the ultimate professional solution for both studio and live environment.

Think of it as a central hub for all the audio connections from and to your board.
It’s smart (as the name suggest) because it allow to connect your board to your amp or amps configuration without touching a single cable.

  • Auto routing features (you can connect your pedalboard with your amp/amps in many different ways, without touching a cable in your board);
  • Dual input and output HIGRADE buffers, tuned specifically to avoid any possibile signal loss. Both buffers are bypassable;
  • ISO transformer placed into the stereo output, to avoid any ground loop. We selected the best quality audio transformer available in the market;
  • Phase reverse switch for stereo output, to flip 180° the signal in a very quickly and convenient way if needed;
  • TRS Thru for channel switching or added thru signal path;
  • MIDI thru;
  • Small package and 9V negative center powered;
  • 100% silent operation, no noise added.


Download the manual for all the wiring example.

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