RedSeven The Dirt

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RedSeven The Dirt Limited Edition

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The Dirt 

is a brand new design available in a very limited edition – only 35 pieces worldwide.
Born as custom request of a single channel distillate of late hard rock/metal 80s DNA, is now available for purchase.

Counter to our tradition of multiple sounds, MIDI and flexibility, with this limited run we explored the very opposite way: a single channel amplifier with a mix of PCB and hand wire techniques. Not only that, but we even introduce a brand new “Manta Audio” RV24 Mil style potentiometer, following our never satisfied pursuit of perfection.

While no possibility to change sounds remotely are available, couple “structure” switches can be found on front panel to sculpt your sound even more resulting in many interesting flavors available.


  • 3x 12ax7 preamplifier tubes;
  • 2x EL34 power amplifier tubes;
  • Custom made under precise specifications PT and OT transformers;
  • Nominal 50W output power;
  • Wima premium signal capacitors;
  • Xicon premium carbon comp resistors;
  • “Manta” RV24 mil style potentiometers;
  • FET hard bypassable loop effect insert point;
  • Premium Belden internal cabling;
  • State of the art 100% handwired product;
  • Custom black snakeskin tolex / plexiglass gold plates;


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