RedSeven Pro Cab 4×12

1.190,00  inkl. MwSt


Pro Cabs are born to meet the demand of the guitarist who wants a definitive cabinet. This series of cabinets has been carefully designed for maximum sound performance and a small footprint without sacrificing anything that would rage on the final quality. All Pro Cabs are made of the finest quality 15mm birch plywood and are closed back.
1×12 and 2×12 models are equipped with properly calculated bass reflex, thanks to which it was possible to get a very large and clean response in bass and mid-bass frequencies, being able to reduce the size compared to a normal guitar cabinet.
4×12 model is built with pneumatic suspension technique, it does not need bass reflex. All these features gives Pro Cabs absolute flexibility. They can be used in any context and for any kind of music, especially in the more modern kind where the quality, cleanliness and precision are really important requirements.

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